Signing up for Online and Mobile Banking is quick and easy! Follow these steps to get started:

Step 1. Go to and click the Login Button and select register or download the app in your mobile app store to register. Just search Charles River Bank Mobile.

Step 2. Accept the disclosure text.

Step 3. Enter the requested personal authentication information. Click submit.

Step 4. Enter your User ID and Password. Click submit.

Step 5. Enter your email and enter again to confirm. Click change.

Step 6. Sign in to online banking with your User ID and Password.

Step 7. Choose your challenge questions and answers and your authentication image and text, or defer until a later date. NOTE: a maximum of two deferrals are allowed.

Your password must use alphanumeric characters (i.e. letters or numbers) and your password is case sensitive. Also, your password cannot contain leading or trailing spaces. You may set up Biometric Identification on supported devices for extra security (i.e. fingerprint or facial ID).

Note: Your internet banking password ensures that only you can access your confidential information. Please remember this password and keep it secure.

If you have questions, contact our Customer Care Team at 508-533-8661.