Two of the four scholarship winners, Carolyn Hernandez (left) and Brenna Lorenzen (right) with Joan Gavini-Campbell

President and CEO, Jack Hamilton, is pleased to award their annual scholarships from the Bank to Carolyn Hernandez, Brenna Lorenzen, Drew Plunkett, and Christopher Nicklas. All four students are 2020 graduates of Medway High School. Scholarship recipients must demonstrate that they have successfully completed their first semester of college and are enrolled for second-semester classes. In order to be eligible for CRB’s scholarship, students must either participate as a student-teller in the School Banking Program at Medway High School (MHS) where Charles River Bank operates a full-service educational branch supervised by Joan Gavini-Campbell, or be employed at any of Charles River Bank’s three offices. The students who work at the MHS office earn school credit as tellers at the school branch. They learn about banking operations, regulations, financial services, and marketing and compete annually at the Federal Reserve in the Massachusetts School Banking Association Competition.

Carolyn is a Political Science major at Framingham State University where she is able to still actively participate in her hobby of six years, acting. Brenna, a defenseman for Ithaca College Women’s Soccer Team, is pursuing a major in business administration with a double concentration in marketing and sports management. Both Carolyn and Brenna also work at tellers in Charles River Bank branches during summers and school vacations. Drew is enrolled at Worcester Polytechnic Institution (WPI) where he is majoring in Management Engineering with a minor in Mechanical Engineering. Drew plays for WPI’s Football Team and is a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity. Christopher attends Providence College. “I’m so grateful to have had the pleasure of working with Charles River Bank, Joan, and, in conjunction, receiving their generous scholarship,” stated Carolyn Hernandez.

“These four individuals are very deserving of these scholarships. Unfortunately, their school banking experience was cut short during their senior year due to the school shutdown from Covid-19. However, they still managed to stand out as excellent candidates and it’s exciting to hear about their college successes. I wish them nothing but the best in their future endeavors,” said Jack Hamilton.