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Charles River Bank Hires New Commercial Loan Officer

Assistant Vice President/Commercial Loan Officer, Sean Coyle

Charles River Bank (CRB) is proud to announce the addition of Sean Coyle as Assistant Vice President/Commercial Loan Officer. In his new position, Coyle will develop new relationships and expand existing relationships with CRB’s business customers by identifying their business goals and providing solutions to reach those objectives. Offering commercial lending programs including Commercial Real Estate Lending, Asset and Equipment Financing, Lines of Credit and SBA loans is his focus.

Coyle has fifteen years of experience in the financial services industry including Commercial Lending, Business Development, and Branch Management. Prior to joining Charles River Bank, he worked at Main Street Bank as an Assistant Vice President and Senior Relationship Manager. Preceding his tenure at Main Street Bank, he also held various positions at Milford National Bank, Commerce Bank, Strata Bank and Citizens Bank.

Coyle lives in Bellingham with his wife of 13 years, Brooke, and his twin 11 year olds, Liam and Keara. He is credit trained by Credit Training, Inc. in Westborough and attended The New England School for Financial Studies at the Babson Executive Center. In his free time, he enjoys golfing, reading and supporting the local community. Presently, Coyle is the Treasurer for the Westborough Rotary Club and on the Board of Directors for both the Westborough Public Library Foundation and Six Degrees Networking.

“I am proud to welcome Sean to our Commercial Lending team. His previous work experience and community involvement directly align with Charles River Bank’s vision and mission. I look forward to seeing Sean develop and cultivate new and existing business relationships throughout the local community,” said Charles River Bank President and CEO Jack Hamilton.

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Charles River Bank Marketing and Retail Banking Support Representative Catrina Lopes, Salvation Army Major Dave Irwin and Charles River Bank President and CEO Jack Hamilton display a selection of the hundreds of toys donated this year by the bank to the Salvation Army’s Adopt-A-Family Program.

Charles River Bank Delivers a Merry Christmas for 45 Children with the Salvation Army Adopt-A-Family Program in Milford

Caption: Charles River Bank Marketing and Retail Banking Support Representative Catrina Lopes, Salvation Army Major Dave Irwin and Charles River Bank President and CEO Jack Hamilton display a selection of the hundreds of toys donated this year by the bank to the Salvation Army’s Adopt-A-Family Program.

Charles River Bank shared in the Christmas spirit this year through their partnership with the Milford Salvation Army’s Adopt-A-Family Program. The bank adopted 45 children, and through the generosity of the bank’s employees and customers, all 45 received many items on their wish lists including bikes, roller blades, dolls and coats. Marketing and Retail Banking Support Representative Catrina Lopes organized the yearly tradition for the bank by getting the children’s lists from the Salvation Army and making sure each child was adopted and received what they asked for.

Charles River Bank President and CEO Jack Hamilton stated, “Our local community members show time and time again what it means to come together for the greater good. The amount of toys and clothing purchased for these children is astounding. We are happy to partner with the Salvation Army for this wonderful program, and seeing the generosity of our employees and community members reminds me of why we do this every year.”

The Adopt-A-Family program aims to help local families who have fallen on hard times make Christmas a special time for their children. Parents submit a wish-list for their children detailing their first name, age, gender, clothing sizes and some games and toys they would like to receive. Local businesses and community groups adopt a certain number of children then donors select a wish-list and purchase the items requested.

“The holiday season is a time when we depend on community support the most in order to bring Christmas to those in need. The joy in the eyes of a child when they receive a toy, the relief on the face of a parent when there is food for the family, the smile of the homeless person as they receive food and clothes and the gratitude someone expresses for help with a utility bill or rent . . . these are priceless gifts that the local community helps make possible,” said Major Jessie Irwin of the Milford Salvation Army.

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Important Information Regarding the Equifax Data Breach

Yesterday, credit reporting agency Equifax announced that between May and August there had been a data breach affecting 143 million of their customers. Personal information potentially compromised include social security numbers, credit card numbers, driver’s license numbers, addresses and birthdates. To find out if you may have been affected by this breach, please visit and follow the online instructions. Equifax is offering one year of free credit monitoring, whether or not you were affected by this breach.

As a reminder, you are always entitled to receive a FREE copy of your credit report every 12 months from each of the three major credit reporting companies, Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian to ensure that the information on all of your credit reports is correct and up to date. Visit for more information.

The security of your personal information is a top priority at Charles River Bank and it is important to note that your Charles River Bank accounts have NOT been accessed and continue to remain secure. If you have any questions about your accounts with us, please call your Personal Banker at 508-533-8661.

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Charles River Bank Hires New Director of Financial Services

Vice President/Director of Financial Services, Clinton McHoul.

Charles River Bank (CRB) is proud to announce the addition of Clinton McHoul as Vice President/Director of Financial Services. McHoul provides his clients with expertise in retirement planning, education funding, business continuity planning, investments and insurance. He will cultivate new relationships and deepen existing relationships with CRB’s clients by identifying financial objectives, developing plans and delivering comprehensive solutions to realize those goals. He will work in coordination with his client’s trusted advisors, such as their attorney and CPA, to develop dynamic strategies for individuals and businesses.

McHoul has more than a decade of experience as a Financial Advisor. Prior to joining Charles River Bank, he worked in the Medfield and Medway offices for Merrill Lynch/Bank of America. McHoul joined Merrill Lynch in 2008. Previously, he was a Financial Advisor for Edward D. Jones, Co.

McHoul grew up in North Attleboro and earned his B.S. in Business Administration, majoring in Economics, at Oklahoma State University. He is one of six children and has 26 nieces and nephews. He currently lives in Foxboro with his fiancée, Tricia. He enjoys cooking, gardening and outdoor activities.

“I am excited to have Clint as part of the Charles River Bank team. We searched extensively for a new Director of Financial Services, and Clint will be a tremendous asset to our Bank. I am

confident that our existing customers and new clients will appreciate the expertise and level of service that Clint brings to our team,” said Charles River Bank President and CEO Jack Hamilton.

Clint McHoul is currently registered to conduct securities business and/or investment advisory services in the following states: MA, RI, FL

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How to Safely Bank and Shop Online E-newsletter

How to Safely Bank and Shop Online

You can’t be too protective of your financial information online. While banks and businesses work to make sure their customers’ information is secure, you can play a part in safeguarding your money, too. Here’s how.

Beef up online security at home. Secure your home online access with some simple steps: Install antivirus software on your computer. Also, protect your Wi-Fi with a seriously complicated password and be selective about giving it out. When you complete financial transactions, log out and close the browser.

Pick complex passwords and change them quarterly. If your passwords are your dog’s name and your birthdate, change them immediately — information easily found on social media can be used as clues by hackers. Follow website password guidelines that recommend combinations of numbers, symbols, and upper- and lower-case letters.

A creative way to craft a memorable password is to coin a phrase that guides you. For example, “I’m saving for my future!” might translate to “1mSving4mF!” (But don’t use this one, of course.).

Say no to free Wi-Fi. Free Wi-Fi in coffee shops, hotels, and other public places is often unsecured and can expose your information and passwords to cyber criminals. When you do use public Wi-Fi, be sure to only use secured sites that encrypt information sent over the Internet. To make sure a site is secure, look for a web address beginning with the letters “https” and a closed padlock symbol in the address bar.

If you must shop or bank from public areas, consider downloading a virtual private network, or VPN. That will mask your Internet address and encrypt your information.

Protect mobile devices. Only download software and apps from financial institutions you do business with, like Charles River Bank, or from authorized online stores. Logoff of banking and credit card apps when you finish using them. Keep software current because updates often enhance security features, and protect your screen from prying eyes in public places.

Make sure your Smartphone and tablet are password protected, and don’t leave them unattended and unlocked.

Be skeptical of unsolicited emails. Criminals distribute scams via email, a tactic called phishing, to trick consumers into giving out information such as bank account, credit card and Social Security numbers. If you receive an email from someone you don’t know, don’t reply — even it looks official. Banks, credit card companies and the U.S. government will never ask for sensitive information by email.

Don’t click on links, as they can be set up to spread viruses or other sorts of malware, and don’t call numbers provided. Instead, search online for the business to see if it’s legitimate.

By taking these few simple steps, you can greatly increase your online security and thwart hackers’ efforts to steal your personal information.

Terri Kaufman, NerdWallet

© Copyright 2015 NerdWallet, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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Corporate Account Takeover (CATO)

Important Fraud Alert

Protect Your Business from a Corporate Account Takeover (CATO)

It has become a growing and serious threat for businesses, schools, and municipalities of all sizes. It’s a sophisticated form of electronic fraud known as a Corporate Account Takeover or CATO. And it has allowed cyber thieves to steal millions of dollars from unsuspecting organizations of all sizes.

With CATO, cyber thieves are able to take control of company computers and confidential banking information to infiltrate accounts and transfer funds to their own accounts.

How do they do it?

In many cases, they target employees who utilize online banking and use sophisticated phishing scams and other tactics that allows them to plant dangerous malware that hijacks computer systems. Cyber thieves have been known to pose as credible organizations, such as the Better Business Bureau, IRS, or even banks, and may make phone calls or use social networks, such as Facebook to lure unsuspecting employees into providing private information.

Know the warning signs.

How do you know if your company’s computer systems may have been comprised? Here are some warning signs:

  • Dramatic loss of computer speed
  • Differences in the way things appear on the screen
  • Freezing or locking up of computer screens
  • Unexpected rebooting or restarting
  • Unexpected request for a token pass-code in the middle of an online session
  • Unusual pop-up messages, especially a message in the middle of an online banking session that says the connection to the bank system is not working (system unavailable, down for maintenance, etc.)
  • New or unexpected toolbars and/or icons
  • Inability to shut down or restart the computer

What you can do to protect your organization.

While any business can become a victim of a CATO, organizations that do not have strong Internet security policies are most vulnerable. There are, however, some steps you can take to reduce your company’s chances of being victimized:

  • Educate employees. Tell them about CATO and instruct them not to open unsolicited emails.
  • Review bank account activity carefully and regularly.
  • Separate banking responsibilities. For example, have one employee initiate ACH and wire transfers from one computer and another employee approve transactions on another computer.
  • Install a firewall and anti-virus software.
  • Create strong passwords. Do not use the same online banking password for everything.
  • Never leave a computer unattended while using any online banking service. Always lock computers when unattended.
  • Never access bank, brokerage or other financial services information at Internet cafes, public libraries, airports, etc.

Immediately report suspicious activity to Charles River Bank.

After notification of an incident, Charles River Bank will assist with:

  • Disabling online access to accounts
  • Changing online banking passwords
  • Opening new account(s) as appropriate
  • Assisting with review of all recent transactions and electronic authorizations on the account(s)
  • Confirming no one has requested an address change, check reorder, debit card order or other information be send to a different address

Be assured, at Charles River Bank, we use the highest level of security to protect your account and personal information while banking online. To learn more about other ways you can protect your business, visit

The Bank will reverse fraudulent transactions and will attempt to identify and notify any receiving financial institution of the fraudulent transactions.

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Avoid Fraudulent e-mail Schemes

Charles River Bank customers should be aware of the continuing threat posed by multiple e-mail-based scams known as “phishing”. These e-mail-based scams attempt to collect private account information from customers through deceptive and misleading methods.

For example, these phishing e-mails fraudulently request personal information including user ids, passwords, Social Security numbers, credit or ATM card numbers. The unsuspecting customer’s personal information is generally gathered through a link provided in the e-mail that directs the recipient to web sites that look very much like a legitimate Charles River Bank site.

Please note that Charles River Bank does not solicit sensitive, private information from customers through unsecure e-mail. Also, Charles River Bank recommends accessing our website by typing the website address into your browser or by using a “bookmark” that directs the browser to our site.

Customers who receive these e-mails should not follow any of the instructions in the e-mail, and should not click on the links contained in the e-mail. If customers follow these steps, their accounts are not in jeopardy of being compromised. Charles River Bank will NOT send e-mail messages requesting your confidential information, including account numbers, passwords, or PINs. If you receive an e-mail requesting such information, please contact us immediately at 508-533-8661.

If you have any concerns about the legitimacy of an e-mail message that appears to be from Charles River Bank, please forward it immediately to As stated above, do not respond to the e-mail message or click any of the links contained in the e-mail. Please do not remove the original subject line or change the e-mail in any way when you forward it to us.

Customers who may have clicked on the links and entered information in response to one or more of these e-mails should:

  • Contact Charles River Bank immediately at (508) ­­­­533-8661.
  • Contact the following three credit bureaus to have a fraud alert placed on your credit report:
  • Equifax Fraud Line: (800) 525-6285
  • Experian Fraud Line: (800) 397-3742
  • Trans Union Fraud Line: (800) 680-7289
  • File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission* or (877) IDTHEFT — (877) 438-4338.
  • Additionally, to ensure that your computer was not infected with any malicious software that the phishing e-mail may have contained, we highly recommend that you immediately run a scan* to check for viruses or adware/spyware. Please contact a computer security professional if you need assistance with determining whether or not your computer has been infected.

*Please note that Charles River Bank is not affiliated with any provider of software packages that scan your computer, and we cannot endorse or recommend any particular one.

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Learn How to Protect Yourself from Fraud on the Internet

Your security is extremely important to us. Charles River Bank is committed to educating its customers about identity theft and fraud. We will constantly work to provide you with updates on the latest fraudulent scams, as well as ways to avoid them.

Please remember:

  • You should never access the Charles River Bank Web page from a link provided by a third party. You should always type the URL address,, into your Web browser or use a bookmark.
  • Charles River Bank will NOT send e-mail messages requesting your confidential information, including account numbers, passwords, or PINs. If you receive an e-mail requesting such information, please contact us immediately at 508-533-8661.
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Scholarship donation

Three Students Awarded Scholarships from Charles River Bank

Senior Vice President of Customer Care and Relationship Development Ann Sherry presents a scholarship check to UMass Boston freshman Luc Lafayette for participating in the student teller program at Charles River Bank during high school and for successfully completing his first semester of college.

Charles River Bank Senior Vice President of Customer Care and Relationship Development Ann Sherry is pleased to award annual scholarships from Charles River Bank to Luc Lafayette, Brian Culcasi and Ashley Paturzo. All three students are 2016 graduates of Medway High School. Scholarship recipients must demonstrate that they have successfully completed their first semester of college and are enrolled for second semester classes. Lafayette is studying Political Science at the University of Massachusetts in Boston. Culcasi is in his freshmen year at Florida Gulf Coast University where he is majoring in professional golf management. Paturzo attends the University of South Carolina and is majoring in retail management.

To be eligible for a scholarship, students must either participate as a student-teller in the School Bank Program at Medway High School where Charles River Bank operates a full-service educational branch, or be employed at any of Charles River Bank’s three branches. Student- tellers at the Medway High School office earn school credit as tellers at the school branch. They learn about banking operations, regulations, financial services and marketing.

“Luc, Brian and Ashley are extremely deserving of these scholarships. They were wonderful assets to the Student Banking Program and Luc also worked in our Main Office at Charles River Bank. It’s exciting to see them succeed in college. I hope these scholarships will help each of them with their college expenses,” said Sherry.

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Charles River Bank Participates in MHS TADA Shoe Drive

Collection Box at the Medway branch of Charles River Bank
for MHS TADA’s Shoe Drive. Shoes are being collected until March 26th.

Charles River Bank is participating in this year’s Medway High School Tolerance Acceptance Diversity Alliance (MHS TADA) Shoe Drive. Drop off new or gently-used shoes to the Medway branch of Charles River Bank, located at 70

Main Street, until March 26th. Shoes will be used to support small, local businesses in developing countries where walking is the main mode of transportation. Any type of shoe is accepted. Please ensure shoes do not have any holes, rips, detached soles or are overly dirty. Your donation will provide shoes to a developing community, income to small business owners and support to MHS TADA.

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