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Additional Services

Safe Deposit Boxes
Charles River Bank offers a secure and convenient way to protect your valuables. A variety of sizes are available to meet your needs.  Special discounts available to Co-op Club Checking Account Packages.

Travelers Checks
American Express Travelers Cheques are accepted worldwide and are a safe and convenient way to protect your money while traveling. Travelers Cheques and Travelers Cheques for Two can be easily replaced if lost or stolen.

Gift Checks
American Express Gift Cheques are a perfect gift for any age or occasion.

Certified Checks
A certified check provides guaranteed funds to whomever you choose. Simply stop by the Bank with a completed check from your Charles River Bank checking account, and we will certify your check by actually withdrawing the funds from your account, providing you have sufficient available funds to cover the amount of the check.

Money Orders
This service is suited to consumers with occasional bill paying requirements. Charles River Bank Money Orders can be issued for any amount up to $500 and a copy is provided for your records.

Treasurers Checks
If you're in need of a check for a larger amount than a money order can accomodate, you may purchase a Treasurer's or Bank Check anytime during office hours.

Charles River Bank Visa Credit Card
Charles River Bank's UMB Visa credit card offers low rates, no annual fee and you can earn points towards your choice of rewards - free airfare, gasoline rebates, or a free hotel stay. There is also a low introductory rate - Click here for details or to apply today.

Wire Transfers
Charles River Bank can wire transfer funds to financial institutions within the United States and internationally directly from your Checking, Money Market, or Savings Account.

Notary Public
We are happy to notarize documents at your request, providing you supply us with appropriate identification.

Overdraft Privilege Service
Rather than automatically returning unpaid any insufficient funds items that you may have, we will consider, without obligation on our part, payment of your reasonable overdrafts. You can benefit by this by avoiding high charges from merchants while giving you more flexibility in managing your funds. This is not a line of credit.

Reorder Checks

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